Rajaa & Mohammed’s Wedding Ceremony

Crest Hollow Country Club - Wedding

Last December, in the freezing cold, I had so much fun capturing Rajaa and Mohammed’s winter wedding at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, NY. Those who aren’t from the East Coast don’t know just how cold it can get here. Luckily, there was plenty of heating inside.

Rajaa and Mohammed’s Winter Wedding at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, NY

I had such a good time working as Rajaa and Mohammed’s wedding. I’d like to start by saying Rajaa and Mohammed were such troopers, braving the New York winter weather so we could get some amazing portrait shots of them outside. I was very bundled up and still, I was shivering. These guys really know how to commit to a great photo! We didn’t have very much sunlight to play with, but the images came out amazing, thanks to their courage in the climate.

Rajaa and Mohammed have known each other just over a year. They were both medical residents working at the same hospital when they met, and the connection was almost instantaneous! They both have such big hearts and it really comes across when they are together, side by side. Rajaa looked GORGEOUS in her wedding gown and tiara and Mohammed was so smooth and handsome in his tux. The way he looked at her, it was pure love and a beautiful sight to behold. 

I’d like to bring some attention over to the bride’s sister, Zena, who helped to organize the event. She did an incredible job and even helped to bring this GIANT family together for a few family shots. They were such a lively and welcoming bunch! I’ve never seen a reception entrance quite like this. They hired ceremonial dancers for the occasion, who brought Mohammed out after doing a little dance set and getting the crowd hyped up. Once he had entered, the family joined him on the dance floor to cheer him on. After a few minutes of dancing, Rajaa made her big entrance, escorted by Mohammed. It was so well done!

Fun at the Crest Hollow Country Club for the Reception of a Lifetime

I can’t get over how much fun this family was having! They partied all night with the bride and groom. Everyone was having a blast while they joined in on the celebration! The whole wedding was so stress-free and all of the guests were just enjoying the night. A lot of the time, the bride and groom tend to get very stressed out on their wedding day. I’m glad I was able to talk to Rajaa and Mohammed beforehand so that I could help to put them at ease. In the end, everyone was there to celebrate this couple’s marriage. The last thing wedding guests want to see is anyone stressing out about little things and not enjoying the fact that all of these people came to celebrate the bride and groom and show their support. In my opinion, after months of planning, you just need to let go and enjoy the night for what it is and not let the little things put a damper on the occasion.

One of the greatest feelings I took away from this wedding was knowing that somehow, I had a small part to play in their happily ever after story. This was my first time as a wedding photographer for a Middle Eastern-American Wedding. I’m looking forward to future experiences in this type of event! Rajaa and Mohammed, I wish you both the best and thank you so much for sharing this special day in your life with me. May the years bring you comfort and joy!

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Decor/Florist: Feriani Floral

Dancers: Afrah Events

Wedding Gown: Demetrios Bridal

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