Tatiana and Daniel

Sagaponack New York Backyard Wedding Photography By Yeahia Ahmed

Tatiana and Daniel were married on October 13th in the backyard of the house where Tatiana grew up in Sagaponack, New York.

Tatiana and Daniel’s Intimate Backyard Wedding

This was a small, cozy wedding, with just about 70 guests. It was incredibly laid back, which fit the surroundings of Tatiana’s childhood home, where they were surrounded by decorations they had done themselves as well as some beautiful antiques. 

When I spoke to Daniel, he told me that they had three things they both cared a lot about. They wanted a picture surrounded by bubbles, they wanted pictures with their immediate family, and they wanted unintrusive candid photography of the event. 

I was completely on board! I had been looking forward to photographing a backyard wedding to capture that “rustic” feeling I was looking for. I get excited whenever I get the chance to photograph in new wedding venus or locations. 

Because I work as a freelance photographer for Lilly & Lime, I hadn’t been able to do a site visit or meet with the couple in person. But based on the details Daniel gave me, I felt I was ready.

New York Wedding Photography

Once I got there, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I fell in love with the house and the wedding party. I couldn’t stop thinking about how this house would be perfect for “morning after photography,” with its outdoor pool, cozy fireplace, and lush greenery. I wished I had more time to shoot so I could take it all in!

And then there were the people themselves, who were clearly the focus of the day. Tatiana and Daniel wanted to go for more of a minimalist wedding, with no cake-cutting, formal pictures, or bouquet toss—but that allowed them to put the focus on their loved ones and allowed me to focus on getting those candid shots they wanted.

Daniel & Tatiana, thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity to photograph your wedding! I hope I get to photograph more cozy, rustic weddings just like this one!

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